Is Mi 5 Waterproof?

The Mi 5 is a high-end smartphone that was released in 2016. It has a lot of features that are appealing to users, including a waterproof design. However, there are some people who are wondering if the Mi 5 is actually waterproof.

In this blog post, we will take a look at whether or not the Mi 5 is waterproof and what you can do to protect your phone if it is exposed to water.

The Mi 5 is not a waterproof phone. However, it is water-resistant and can withstand splashes and light rain. If you’re looking for a phone that can handle more than just light moisture, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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Is the Xiaomi Mi 5 Waterproof?

No, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is not waterproof. However, it is water-resistant and can handle spills and splashes without issue. If you’re looking for a waterproof phone, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Can Mi Band 5 Be Worn in the Shower?

Yes, you can wear your Mi band 5 in the shower! However, we recommend taking it off before swimming. The band is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

expose the band to hot water or steam for long periods of time as this could damage the band.

Mi Band 5 is Waterproof Or Not

The Mi Band 5 is a fitness tracker released by Xiaomi in 2020. It is an upgrade to the Mi Band 4 and features a larger display, improved tracking, and new exercise modes. One of the key selling points of the Mi Band 5 is its water resistance.

But how waterproof is it really? The Mi Band 5 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters, which means it can be used for swimming and other activities in shallow water. However, it is not suitable for diving or other activities in deep water.

The band will also track your swims and give you detailed information about your performance. So, if you’re looking for a fitness tracker that you can take swimming, the Mi Band 5 is a good option. Just don’t expect it to stand up to too much abuse in the water!

Is Mi Band 6 Waterproof

No, the Mi Band 6 is not waterproof. It is water-resistant, meaning it can withstand some splashes and sweat, but it cannot be submerged in water. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that can stand up to more intense activity, consider one of the many waterproof options on the market.

Mi Band 5 Vs 6

Mi Band 5 Vs 6 The recently released Mi Band 6 is an upgrade to the very popular Mi Band 5. So, what are the differences between the two devices? Let’s take a look!

The biggest difference between the Mi Band 5 and 6 is the addition of a color display on the latter. This means that you can now see your stats and notifications in full color, rather than just black and white. The screen is also larger on the Mi Band 6, making it easier to read at a glance.

Additionally, the Mi Band 6 features a new SpO2 sensor for tracking blood oxygen levels, as well as a heart rate monitor that’s more accurate than ever before. Finally, the Mi Band 6 has support for NFC (near-field communication), meaning you can use it for contactless payments with supported apps. In terms of battery life, both devices are rated for up to 14 days on a single charge.

However, actual battery life will vary depending on how you use your device. For example, if you constantly have the color display turned on or if you’re using GPS tracking frequently, your battery life will be shorter than someone who uses their device less often. So, which one should you buy?

If you’re looking for an upgrade from the Mi Band 5, then the obvious choice is the Mi Band 6. However, if you’re happy with your current device and don’t feel like spending extra money on unnecessary features, then stick with the Mi Band 5.


No, the Mi 5 is not waterproof. However, it is resistant to water and can withstand splashes and accidental drops in water.

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