How to Make Mascara Waterproof Diy?

Mascara is one of the most important products in a woman’s makeup bag. It can help your eyes look wider, brighter and more defined. But sometimes, you need a little extra help to make sure your mascara stays put – especially if you have oily skin or live in a humid climate.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to make your mascara waterproof without having to buy a new waterproof formula. One way to make your mascara waterproof is to use an eyelash primer before applying it. Primers create a barrier between your lashes and the mascara, so the product doesn’t smudge or flake off as easily.

You can also try using clear mascara as a base coat before applying your regular mascara. This will help keep the product in place and prevent it from running down your face during the day.

  • Gather your materials
  • You will need: 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly, 1/2 teaspoon of beeswax, an old mascara wand, and a small pan
  • Melt the beeswax and petroleum jelly together in the pan over low heat
  • Once melted, remove from heat and carefully pour into a clean container
  • Dip your mascara wand into the mixture and coat your lashes thoroughly
  • Allow to dry for a few minutes before applying additional coats or primer

DIY WATERPROOF SMUDGES PROOF MASCARA/ how to make mascara at home (I'm shocked its 100% working)

How to Make Mascara Waterproof Without Hairspray

If you want your mascara to be waterproof, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’re using a waterproof mascara. There are many different brands on the market, so find one that works for you.

Second, apply a thin layer of hairspray over your lashes after applying mascara. This will help keep the product in place and prevent it from running if you get caught in the rain or sweat. Finally, don’t forget to remove your waterproof mascara at the end of the day!

Use an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser to break down the product and avoid damaging your lashes.

How to Make Mascara Waterproof With Hairspray

If you want to make your mascara waterproof, there is an easy way to do it with hairspray. All you need to do is hold the can of hairspray about 6 inches away from your face and spray it over your lashes. Be sure to keep your eyes closed while you do this so that the spray does not get in your eyes.

Let the mascara dry for a few minutes before opening your eyes. You may notice that your lashes look a little stiff, but that is normal. The stiffness will go away after a few hours.

Diy Waterproof Mascara

Are you tired of your mascara smudging and running every time you step out in humid weather? If so, you’re not alone. Many women struggle to find a waterproof mascara that will withstand the elements.

Luckily, there is a solution! You can make your own waterproof mascara at home with just a few simple ingredients. All you need is some beeswax, coconut oil, and an old mascara wand.

To start, melt the beeswax and coconut oil together in a double boiler. Once melted, remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes. Then, using an old mascara wand (or any other small brush), dip into the mixture and apply to your lashes as you would regular mascara.

Let the mixture dry on your lashes for a few minutes before opening your eyes. You may need to apply a second coat if you want more coverage. And that’s it!

You now have homemade waterproof mascara that will keep your lashes looking great all day long – no matter what the weather brings.

Does Vaseline Make Mascara Waterproof

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Vaseline is whether our products can make mascara waterproof. The answer is yes! Our products can indeed make your mascara waterproof.

We have a wide range of products that can do this, from our original petroleum jelly to our newer oils and serums. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your mascara waterproof, then our original petroleum jelly is the product for you. Simply apply a small amount to your lashes before applying your mascara, and voila!

Your mascara will now be waterproof. If you want something that will also help to nourish and condition your lashes, then our new Lash Serum is perfect. This serum contains castor oil, which is known for its conditioning properties.

Simply apply a small amount of the serum to your lashes before applying your mascara, and it will not only be waterproof, but also super-nourished! So there you have it! Whether you want something quick and easy or something that will also help condition your lashes, Vaseline has the perfect solution for making your mascara waterproof.

Will Setting Spray Make Mascara Waterproof?

When it comes to waterproofing your mascara, there are a few different methods you can try. One popular method is to use a setting spray. But does this actually work?

In short, yes, setting spray can help to make your mascara waterproof. This is because the setting spray will create a barrier on your lashes that will prevent the water from being able to penetrate through and break down the mascara. However, it’s important to note that not all setting sprays are created equal.

Some may be better at waterproofing than others. And even the best setting spray won’t make your mascara 100% waterproof – so if you’re planning on swimming or spending a lot of time in the water, you’ll still need to take some extra precautions (like using a waterproof mascara). Overall, using a setting spray is a good way to help make your mascara last longer and resist smudging or running.

Just be sure to choose one that’s designed for this purpose and follow the directions carefully!

What Can You Add to Waterproof Mascara?

If you’re looking to add a little extra drama to your lashes, you can try waterproofing your mascara. Waterproof mascara is formulated to resist water, sweat, and tears, making it ideal for those who have sensitive eyes or who want to make sure their makeup stays put through any activity. To waterproof your mascara, start by applying a layer of regular mascara to your lashes as usual.

Then, take a cotton swab and dipped it in petroleum jelly. Gently run the cotton swab along your lash line, being careful not to get any of the jelly into your eye. The petroleum jelly will help seal in the first layer of mascara and make it resistant to water.

Finally, apply another layer of mascara over top. This second layer will help ensure that your lashes stay thick and voluminous all day long.

How Can You Make Regular Makeup Waterproof?

Assuming you would like tips on making your regular makeup waterproof: One way to make your regular makeup waterproof is by using a setting spray. You can either purchase a setting spray from a beauty retailer or DIY one at home.

To DIY, mix two parts glycerin and one part water in a small spray bottle and shake well. Spritz your face after applying your makeup for extra staying power. Another way to make your makeup waterproof is by using primer before applying any products to your face.

This will create a barrier between your skin and the product, helping it to last longer and resist budging or smudging throughout the day. If you’re looking for more of a natural option, try mixing aloe vera gel with an oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil. Apply this mixture as you would any other primer for similar results without harsh chemicals.

Can You Mix Water With Mascara?

Yes, you can mix water with mascara, but only if the mascara is in a pump-action bottle. To do this, simply add a few drops of water to the mascara and shake it up. Then, apply it to your lashes as normal.

The water will help to thin out the mascara and make it easier to apply.


If you want to make your mascara waterproof, there are a few things you can do. One is to add a little bit of glycerin to the mascara. This will help it to hold on to the water and not run.

Another thing you can do is to use an eyeshadow primer before applying the mascara. This will help the mascara to stay in place and not run down your face. Finally, you can use a setting spray after you apply the mascara.

This will help it to set and not budge all day long.

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